Paint Pottery

Painting pottery offers a delightful opportunity to relax with friends and family while transforming ceramic pieces into vibrant works of art. It’s a fun opportunity to create and also allows an accessible way to personalize mugs, plates, decorative objects into gifts and memories, leaving you with a unique and lasting reminder of your artistic expression. Though you leave with a masterpiece, it is ultimately an experience purchase.

How it Works

Walk-Ins Always Welcome or Book a Reservation to Guarantee. Each painter needs to pay the studio fee.

Upon arrival, select and purchase the object you’d like to paint (objects range in price between $22 – $250+)

Arrive within 60 minutes of your appointment and then paint as long as you’d like. Our studio does not limit your color choices or your time of stay to complete your piece.

Pieces are guaranteed to be back with you within 1 week; a notification will be sent via text message.

Rainbows Pottery Studio Painting

Make a Reservation

The Painters Studio Fee is $54 per person for the general public and $48 per person for students. Your studio fee covers unlimited paint, glaze and fire for unlimited pieces. Those pieces are purchased separately upon arrival (price range between $22 – $250+).

Paint Reservation Form

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