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Allison Carroll

Allie Carroll is the mother of four amazing children, and the owner of Rainbows Pottery Studio. Allie Grew up in Southern New Hampshire. She now resides in in Boston, Massachusetts where Rainbows Pottery Studio is also located. Before opening Rainbows Pottery Studio Allie had been painting and selling custom painted pottery for many years.

When she settled in Boston, she had had her second child, and was still painting away. When her family moved to Beacon Hill she had noticed that there weren’t any places people could congregate to express themselves through art and spend good time together. Beacon Hill was at the time filled with bars, laundry mats, banks, cafes, and real estate offices. One day she and her daughter Maggie walked by a vacant shop when Maggie had pointed out a very beautiful window that looked out onto Charles St. That’s when Allie had decided she’d go head to open a paint your own pottery studio for all ages- Rainbows Pottery Studio.

She’s now owned Rainbows Pottery Studio for almost 8 magical years. She works alongside an amazing team to make sure that all guest that enter Rainbows Pottery Studio are loved and cared for. She holds camp for kids all the time, birthday parties, graduations, family gatherings, and so much more.

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